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Nava Gauri

The devotees who travel to Navagauri in Kashipuri, which gives birth to liberation, get happiness and wealth in this world. In the other world, they go to heaven and enjoy happiness.

Every day from Chaitrashukla Pratipada Tithi till the ninth day, one should visit Gauri. If it is to be done in one day, then Navagauri Yatra should be done on every Shukla Tritiya Tithi.


A devotee should go to Mukhnirmalika after taking a thorough bath in Gopreksha. After taking a bath in Jyeshthavapi, a man should worship Jyeshthagauri. Saubhagyagauri should be worshiped by those who have performed water rites at Gyanvapi Vapi. Then after doing the same work there, they should worship Shringargauri. After taking a bath in Vishalganga, he should proceed towards Vishalakshi. The devotee should worship Lalita after taking a ritual bath in Lalita Tirtha. Bhavani should be worshiped after taking bath in Bhavani Teerth. Mangala should then be worshiped by those devotees who have performed water rituals with the water of Bindu Tirtha. After that he should go to Mahalakshmi for the purpose of continuous increase in wealth. By making a pilgrimage to this holy place which leads to salvation, one will not have to face miseries neither here nor hereafter.

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