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The symbolize city of Culture & Heritage.

Whether you're an avid traveler, a spiritual seeker, or simply curious about the allure of Kashi, invites you to embark on a journey of discovery. Unveil the secrets, explore the

hidden treasures, and immerse yourself in the timeless beauty of Varanasi Tourism which is

remarkable city. Let us be your guide to the mystical realm of Kashi, where every corner holds a story waiting to be told.

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Sage Agasthya and his wife Lopamudra circumambulated

Sri Shail Mountain and climbed up Lohit mountain where

they found Lord Kartikeya. Both of them eulogized

Kartikeya by singing vedic hymns in his praise.

Lord Kartikeya was extremely pleased with their devotion

and said-  revered sage! You can understand Kashi’s

importance by the fact that, though I am capable of

reaching any place according to my wish but still, here

I am doing this austere penance to attain Kashi. I must

confess that I have not been successful in my efforts till

date. If any body thinks that he can attain Kashi just by

undergoing austerities then he is totally wrong. Kashi

can never be attained until and unless one has the

blessing of Lord Mahadeva. And one who is fortunate

enough to have reached Kashi must under no circumstances leave it till he is alive.  Agastya! You are a blessed one because you had the good fortune of residing at Kashi. Please allow me to touch your body, which has acquired holiness due to its proximity to Kashi.’ Having said this, Kartikeya touched different parts of Agastya’s body as if he were touching the sacred soil of Kashi.

Shiva in Kashi, Uttar Pradesh


History tells stories about the rise of Varanasi. Historians

suggest that the Aryans were the first to settle in the

Ganges Valley. In the second millennium BC Varanasi

emerged as a center of Aryan religion and philosophy.

This developing city is not only a spiritual center;

It grew into a center of trade and industry, known for its

fine muslins and silks, intricate ivory work, fragrant

perfumes and exquisite handicrafts.

Fast forward to the 6th century, when Varanasi ascended the

throne and became the capital of the Kashi state. An

important event took place during this period - Buddha,

the epitome of wisdom, delivered his first sermon in

Sarnath, 10 km from Varanasi.

News of Varanasi's intellectual and spiritual wealth spread far and wide, attracting scholars and seekers from around the world. In 635 BC including the famous Chinese traveler Hiuen Tang who visited the city. His reports further confirmed Varanasi's position as a vibrant center of religious, educational, cultural and artistic expression.

Ghat in Kashi, Uttar Pradesh


Kapaal Bhairav in Kashi, Uttar Pradesh

The rich history of Varanasi is not without darkness.

The city went through a tumultuous period under Muslim

rule from the 12th to the 18th century. Temples, central to

the spiritual identity of the people of Varanasi, were

destroyed and scholars were forced to flee. This

significantly disrupted the religious and intellectual life

of the city during this era.

But a ray of hope arose with the accession to the throne

of the tolerant Mughal emperor Akbar in the 16th century.

He gave some religious freedom, so that Varanasi could

heave a sigh of relief. Unfortunately, this break was

short-lived. The rise of the dictator Aurangzeb in the late

17th century brought the city back into religious unrest.

A turning point came in the 18th century. Varanasi rose from the ashes and regained its lost glory. Ramnagar established itself as an independent state with its own capital. This new freedom continued until the arrival of the British Emperor in the 19th century. In 1910, the British annexed Varanasi into the new Indian state. Ultimately, with India's independence in 1947, Varanasi found its place within the state of Uttar Pradesh.

This revised excerpt condenses the information while maintaining the main points. It also uses strong actions and descriptive language to present a more vivid picture of the final historical struggle and revival of Varanasi.


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