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"Goddess of motherhood and children"

In a time when the malevolent demon Durgasur, wielding his supernatural powers, was inflicting suffering upon the devout, Lord Shiva dispatched the formidable Goddess to vanquish him. (For more details, see the account of Durga Devi.)
Having successfully slain the demon and assuming the form of Durga Devi, as described in the Kashi Khand, she assumed the role of protector in Kashi, manifesting in various forms of Shaktis/Devis scattered throughout the sacred city. Among these divine manifestations is Ashwa Roodha, revered by the scholars as Vageshwari.
This divine entity resides within the temple premises that also house Skanda Mata Devi.
Skand Mata, the fifth incarnation of Maa Durga, cradles her son Skand (Kartikeya) on her lap, earning her the name Skand Mata. She adorns four hands, holding lotus flowers in her upper hands, while her left hand bestows blessings upon her devotees. Seated gracefully upon a lotus flower, she is known as Padmasana Devi. Her faithful companion is a majestic lion.
Those who worship Skand Mata find their desires fulfilled, attain inner peace and happiness, and discover an easier path to salvation. As the guardian of the Sun's celestial path, her devotees are bestowed with a radiant light, enveloping them like a luminous aura.
Vageshwari Devi (Ashwa Rooda) is permitted to be worshipped only two days per year. On all other days, the temple door remains closed, and devotees pay homage to the door itself.

Skandamata  Devi is worshipped on the 5th day of Navratri.

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Skand Mata
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