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Saambha Aditya

 Lord Shiva was at Mandarachal and on that time Kashi was ruled by a very pious and religious King named Divodas. In his Kingdom every one was very happy and there was all round prosperity.

Once Sage Narada traveled to Dwaraka Puri and he was fondly welcomed by the mind born  sons of Lord Krishna.  They exhibited hospitality of the highest order and Narad was pleased.  However, one son named Saamba remained aloof and did not pay any respect to Narad.
Lord Krishna welcomed Sage Narad in the former’s palace with all humility.  After exchanging all formalities/pleasantries, Sage Narad brought Saamba’s behaviour to the notice of Lord Krishna.  Sage Narad went a step ahead, stating that Saamba was a strong and handsome boy and was capable of seducing various ladies in and around the palace.
Soon Narad left the palace and Lord Krishna started keeping a close watch on Saamba but nothing untoward was observed in Saamba’s behaviour. However, the surveillance went on for quite some time.
After some days, Narad again visited Dwarka Puri and precisely at that time, Lord Krishna was in his personal chambers alongwith various ladies.  Narad called Saamba, who was loitering outside, and told him to inform Lord Krishna about his arrival. Saamba hesitated for a while. It was a double whammy for him.  On the one hand, if he barges in and disturbs Lord Krishna, the latter may get angry.  On the other hand, if he disobeys Narad, he may get angry because on the earlier occasion he had not respected Narad.
With a dilemma, he went inside Lord Krishna’s private quarters, not knowing that Narad was following him.  Both of them disturbed Lord Krishna who was in a compromising position.  Lord Krishna suddenly got up very embarrassed.  All the girls surrounding him were also equally embarrassed. Saamba silently left the place.
Narad gave a wrong interpretation of the events to Lord Krishna stating that the ladies who were with Lord Krishna were indeed seduced by the appearance of Saamba. Lord Krishna got infuriated and cursed Saamba that he will be inflicted with Leprosy.  However, Saamba pleaded innocence and Lord Krishna was very much moved.  He told Saamba that to get rid of this curse, he should go to Kashi and pray to Lord Surya.

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📍 Saamba Aditya is located at Suraj Kund, back side of sanatan dharam collage, Nayi-sadak, Varanasi. 

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