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Lolark Aditya

Lolark Kund

Lolark Aditya is situated in the southern part of Kashi near Assi-Ganga Sangam, near Lolark Kund.  Lolark Kund has been given great importance in Kashi Khand. In ancient times, Lolark Kund was believed to be in confluence with Ganga and Assi a rivulet but now this is in form of a Kund (Pond) only.  Even now, during rainy days, Ganges water enters the Kund through some underground source.
Great importance is attached to taking bath in this Pond in Magha Month when Shukla Shashti or Saptmi (sixth or seventh day after Amavasya) coincides with Sunday.  Bathing on such a day in this kund and performing puja etc. will grant the devotees all their desires.  The devotee’s sins accumulated over seven previous births will be cleansed away by the above religious act. (Kashi Khand, Chapter 46)....

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