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 (Devi Durga)


"Goddess of The Cosmic Egg"

Once upon a time, there existed a fearsome Demon named Durgasur, who, through years of relentless prayers, acquired invincible powers that made him unbeatable by any man. Drunk with his newfound strength and overflowing arrogance, he unleashed his wrath upon the religious folk, seizing control of numerous worlds and wreaking havoc. Gurukuls, the sanctuaries of knowledge, fell prey to his destructive rampage, and religious leaders and the wives of sages were unjustly imprisoned. The rivers deviated from their courses, and bountiful harvests turned into strange and twisted yields.

In desperation, both gods and humans sought refuge from the tyrannical reign of Durgasur, turning to Lord Shiva for salvation. Lord Shiva, aware of the immense power possessed by the Demon, acknowledged that mere mortals couldn't vanquish him. He subtly conveyed this knowledge to the Goddess and urged her to take necessary action. Heeding Lord Shiva's call, the Goddess dispatched her emissary, Kalratri, accompanied by a group of valiant women, to warn Durgasur of his impending doom. Kalratri ventured into the lair of Durgasur and delivered the message, imploring him to cease tormenting the faithful, relinquish the usurped lands, and depart elsewhere. Should he choose to ignore these warnings, Goddess Devi would undoubtedly strike him down. Fueled by his immense arrogance, Durgasur ordered his warriors to capture Kalratri and imprison her, firmly believing in his invincibility.

As the warriors approached Kalratri, she unleashed a mighty roar that erupted into fiery projectiles, obliterating thousands of assailants in an instant. This further enraged Durgasur, prompting him to dispatch even more warriors in pursuit of the defiant emissary. With unparalleled swiftness, Kalratri soared through the heavens, finally reaching the abode of the Goddess near the mighty Vindhyachal mountains. She recounted the entire encounter to the Goddess, relaying the audacity and aggression displayed by Durgasur.

Before long, Durgasur arrived at the Goddess's location, and an epic battle ensued, engulfing the surroundings in a maelstrom of fury. The Goddess unleashed her formidable Shaktis, manifesting as a multitude of powerful female warriors. The details of this cataclysmic clash have been vividly chronicled in the Kashi Khand, but it suffices to say that the Goddess, armed with her indomitable might, vanquished Durgasur and his entire entourage. The jubilant echoes of victory reverberated throughout the world, ushering in an era of tranquility and bliss.

The gods and sages, along with the wise, exalted the Goddess, reciting the Vajra Panchakam in adoration. Satisfied with their praise, the Goddess assumed the name Durga Devi, symbolizing her triumph over Durgasur. She bestowed upon the people the wisdom that reciting the Vajra Panchakam would enable them to overcome any obstacles they faced.

On the auspicious days of Asthami and Chaturdasi, particularly if they coincide with a Tuesday, devotees should worship Durga Devi in the sacred city of Kashi. The Goddess, in her benevolence, will bless her devotees, purifying their thoughts and deeds. To please Durga Devi, devotees should engage in various forms of worship and rituals. During the Navaratri festivals celebrated in both autumn and spring, devotees should undertake a pilgrimage to honor Durga Devi.During the grand festivities of Navratri, devotees must take a holy dip in the revered Durga Kund and offer unwavering worship to Durga Devi. Through this sacred act, devotees can cleanse themselves of the sins accumulated over their lifetimes, embracing spiritual purity.

Kushmanda Devi is worshipped on the 4th day of Navratri.

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