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"Goddess of Auspiciousness and Courage"

Kaalaratri Devi is worshipped on the 7th day of Navratri.

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KaalRatri Devi

When the malevolent Durgasur met his fateful end, the divine Goddess sent forth her extraordinary emissary, Kalratri, to accomplish the task. Kalratri unleashed chaos with her breath, unleashing colossal fireballs that decimated the demon's entire army. (Refer to Durga Devi for further details).

Having vanquished the demon and transformed into Durga Devi, as described in the Kashi Khand, it is said that Durga Devi assumes the guardianship of Kashi in the form of various Shaktis and Devis scattered throughout the city. Among them stands Kalratri.

Maa Durga's seventh manifestation takes the shape of Kalratri. Her body is as dark as the deepest abyss, akin to the very essence of darkness itself. Her hair is wild and unruly, cascading in disarray. Adorning her neck is a garland that radiates with the brilliance of lightning. Her three eyes, resembling the vast expanse of the universe, emit ceaseless rays of lightning. From her nostrils, she perpetually exhales scorching flames, like an eternal inferno. A donkey serves as her faithful steed. In her upper right hand, she bestows blessings, while her lower right hand assures protection. An iron thorn rests in her upper left hand, and a dagger in her lower left hand.

Though her appearance may instill fear, Kalratri is always benevolent, showering auspicious blessings upon her devotees. Hence, she is called Shubhkari, the harbinger of good fortune. Her devotees need not cower in fear, for she eradicates evil, causing demons and ghosts to flee at the mere thought of her. Those who worship her are liberated from the shackles of fear, be it the fear of fire, water, creatures, adversaries, or the darkness of night – every form of trepidation.

Kalratri Devi is revered for her immense power, standing as a beacon of strength and authority.

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