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Mukh Nirmalika Gauri

Mukhnirmalika Gauri

The temple of Goddess Mukhnirmalika Gauri is situated at Gai Ghat. It is believed that along with Mahadev’s abode in Kashi, the mother came there to give beautiful looks to people and good luck to women. Since then, it is believed to visit Mata Mukhnirmalika on the first day of Navratri. On this day, along with worshiping the goddess, women also worship the banyan tree located in the temple premises and wish for their happiness. The goddess likes yellow flowers and red adhul flowers. On the other hand, worshipers of Shakti also worship Shailputri Devi on the first day. The temple of Shailputri is situated in the Alaipur locality.

"The devotees who travel to Navagauri in Kashipuri, which gives birth to liberation, get happiness and wealth in this world. In the other world, they go to heaven and enjoy happiness. Every day from Chaitrashukla Pratipada Tithi till the ninth day, one should visit Gauri. If it is to be done in one day, then Navagauri Yatra should be done on every Shukla Tritiya Tithi. Mukhnirmalikagopreksha Tirthaya Namah | After taking bath in Gaighat in the north side of Tirtha Panchgana, taking worship material along with it, Mukhnirmalika Gauri in the temple of Hanuman is facing east. Yes Start the Navagauri Yatra by having darshan and worship."

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