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 (Annapurna Devi)
"Goddess of Beauty and Women"

​Mahagauri Devi is worshipped on the 8th day of Navratri.

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Mahagauri Devi

Devotees have been advised to worship Annapurna Devi and they would get the benefit of worshipping all Devis in the world.  Devotees should worship this deity with the offerings of clothes, precious stones, flowers, incense sticks, deep (lamp).
Kashi Khand states that devotees should circumambulate Bhavani (Annapurna) 108 times in Chaitra Month, Shukla Paksha Ashtami.  By doing this the devotees would derive the benefit of circumabulating all the mountains, seas, divine ashrams, all islands and the entire world.
Devotees should circumambulate this deity eight times daily and worship Annapurna.  With the blessings of Annapurna all residents of Kashi will always remain happy.  If devotees face any sort of hardship in Kashi, they should sincerely worship Maa Annapurna and they will be blessed with all prosperity and their obstacles will be removed.
Kashi Khand has described the greatness of Bhavani (Annapurna) in detail.
According to puranic belief, Maa Durga’s eighth form is Maha Gauri. She is fair complexioned and her fairness is compared with shell, conch and moon. She is considered to be eight years old. Her clothes and ornaments are also white. Her vehicle is a bull. She has four hands. Her upper right hand grants protection from all fears and in her lower right hand she holds a trishul (trident).  She has a small drum in her upper left hand and her lower left hand grants blessings. Her appearance is very peaceful.
To attain Lord Shiva as her husband, She (as Parvati) had undergone rigorous penance, due to which her full body became black. Lord Shiva was pleased with her penance and he bather her with holy Ganga Water due to which she became as lovely and white as lightning. So she is called Maha Gauri (Gauri means fair complexioned/white). She always grants wishes to her devotees without fail. Devotees get all round prosperity and they do not have to face any sort of grief or sorrow.
Every year from Dhanteras viz. Triyodashi before Deepavali Amavasya to one day after Amavasya (total four days), Golden Annapurna idol is installed on the upper floor of Annapurna temple for darshan by devotees. South Indian devotees general combine Deepavali Darshan for Golden Annapurna, Ganga Snaan and Vishwanath Darshan.

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