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Devotional Yatra's



One who visits these, gets all his wishes fulfilled,

and one's karma gets eliminated as Maheshwara gets satisfied to the worship.

Kashi Vishwanath

Aasth Bhairav

Ashta Bhairavas ("Eight Bhairavas") are eight manifestations of the Hindu god Bhairava, a ferocious aspect of the god Shiva. They guard and control the eight directions.

Kaal Bhairava

56 Vinayak

Within the sacred pages of Skanda Purana, in the illustrious chapter 57 to 126 of the Chaturth Kashi Khande, lies an enchanting depiction of the revered Chappan Vinayak.


The city of light, Varanasi, carries within its very essence a mystical power that transcends the boundaries of the physical world. It beckons to those who seek a deeper understanding, a profound connection, and a spiritual awakening.

Durga ji

In the depths of time, there existed a malevolent demon named Durgasur, whose dark deeds knew no bounds.

9 Durgas


Embark upon the sacred journey beyond the celestial gates of Kashi, and behold the wondrous fruit it bestows upon the faithful wanderer.

Char Dham


Sage Agasthya and his wife Lopamudra circumambulated Sri Shail Mountain and climbed up Lohit mountain where they found Lord Kartikeya.

Kashi Khand



When the Yoginis failed to return, Lord Shiva dispatched Lord Surya, the radiant sun god, with instructions to disrupt the harmony of Kashi and shatter King Divodas's steadfastness.

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