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Chandraghanta Devi is worshipped on the 3rd day of Navratri.

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"Destroyer of demons"

According to ancient Hindu beliefs, the majestic power of Maa Durga takes on a captivating form known as Chitra Ghanta during the vibrant festival of Navratri. On the third day of this auspicious occasion, devotees honor her divine presence. With a crescent-shaped bell adorning her forehead, she is lovingly referred to as Chandra Ghanta. Her radiant golden aura illuminates her being, while her ten hands wield an assortment of formidable weapons. A lion serves as her loyal companion, symbolizing her preparedness for battle.

Despite her fierce warrior demeanor, Maa Chitra Ghanta gracefully reveals a gentle, prosperous, and tranquil countenance to her worshippers. As she is always primed for combat, she promptly bestows blessings upon her devotees. These faithful followers, imbued with the courage and might of a lion, also emanate an aura of serenity and bliss wherever they tread.

Maa Chitra Ghanta effortlessly alleviates the trials and tribulations faced by her devotees, paving the way for their triumphs and accomplishments. Through sincere and devout rituals, one's name shall be spared from the records of Chitra Gupta, who dutifully records the transgressions of worshippers, leading them to their ultimate destination—Hell. The accounts of Kashi Khand succinctly capture this profound concept.

By assuring that a devotee's name will not be etched into the chronicles of Chitra Gupta, it signifies the purging of all sins, whether committed knowingly or unknowingly, from the devotee's soul.

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