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Asitang Bhairav

Asitang Bhairav

Bheeshan Bhairav, also recognized as Bhoot Bhairav, holds the esteemed position of being the second Bhairav among the primary Bhairavs, as delineated in the narrative of Kashi Khand. According to the account, after the goddess triumphed over the malevolent demon Durgasur (also known as Durga Devi), she manifested nine shaktis, strategically placing them across various locations in Kashi to safeguard the sanctity of the city and protect its inhabitants (Kashi Khand, Chapter 72).

In a similar vein, eight distinct forms of Bhairavs were also created and strategically stationed at different points in Kashi. These Bhairavs, including Bheeshan Bhairav, assume the role of vigilant guardians, shielding devotees from various forms of malevolence and bestowing upon them happiness and prosperity in their lives.

Devotees who earnestly engage in the worship of these Bhairavs are believed to cultivate a robust mental framework, fostering courage and resilience in their character. The devotion to these divine entities is seen as a pathway to developing not only spiritual strength but also the fortitude needed to confront and overcome the challenges of life.

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