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56" Vinayak

Within the sacred pages of Skanda Purana, in the illustrious chapter 57 to 126 of the Chaturth Kashi Khande, lies an enchanting depiction of the revered Chappan Vinayak.

Engulfed in divine fervor, immerse yourself in the ethereal ambiance while resounding the melodious chants of Lord Shiva and the majestic Panchakshara Mahamantra. Let the echoes of "Har Har Mahadev Shambho, Kashi Vishwanath Gange" reverberate harmoniously as a united chorus. 

Embark on a wondrous Darshan Yatra, setting forth with unwavering determination. Be adorned with offerings of puja materials, delectable laddoos, fragrant paddy slag, the vibrant doob grass, the auspicious Akshat, seasonal fruits, ornate attire, aromatic incense, and the radiant glow of divine lamps.

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